ForeverGreen’s mission is built on solid business principles with a focus on people. At its core, ForeverGreen is about making a difference in the world, one person at a time. This dedication is encompassed in every aspect, from the creation of its products to its generous compensation plan, and most specifically, its Community Stands.

Over 50,000 community service events have taken place in various countries because of ForeverGreen Members and employees. Community Stands range from being mentors for children, visiting nursing homes, donating clothes and toys to shelters, tutoring, or organizing local fundraisers.

These random acts of kindness are profoundly changing the world around and ForeverGreen is actively involved in many community projects, including Happy Valley, the Power Lunch Program, and the Happy Children's Foundation.

ForeverGreen is built on the belief that the world will never change in one broad stroke, but rather with millions of small strokes from individual people. The world is right here and now, wherever you are at, with whomever you are with. It starts with taking responsibility for your health and lends itself to endless possibilities in humanity.

The Happy Children Foundation is a non-profit organization reaching out to children worldwide. Whether it is feeding, clothing, educating, or medically treating children, the Happy Children Foundation is there. It is interesting to note that every three seconds somewhere around the world a child dies from starvation or dehydration. Yet, the money we spend annually in America on weight loss alone is twice the amount of money needed to feed the world’s hungry each year.

On the other end of the spectrum, we are committed to the overall general health of kids, teens and young adults. It is time we love ourselves and value what we each bring to the world. It starts with taking responsibility for your health, and lends itself to literally anything being possible!